Brad Morantz  Ph.D.
*Statistical Analysis*Quantitative Methods
*Artificial Intelligence*Design of Experiments
*Bayesian Probability *Pattern Recognition
*Decision Theory*Linux/Unix
*Object Classification*Machine Learning
*Data Mining*Machine Cognition
*Multivariate Analysis*Neural Networks
*Creating Presentations*Giving Presentations
*Authoring Publications*Instruction

    With a background containing mathematics, science, computer science, computer and information science, electrical engineering, and decision science, I can comprehend technical situations, analyze the data, model the system, forecast results, and assist in making the optimal (or near optimal) decision.

    Statistical analysis is where the data is studied to determine what is occurring quantitatively. Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) goes a little further in utilizing advanced methodologies such as neural networks and other artificial intelligence processes. Qualitative analysis to understand the phenomenon can also be undertaken.

    In tackling these projects, I have worked with various people in many positions. I have had to work with programmers, developers, program managers, operating system wizards, and even the customer. In problem solving, it is important to understand both the problem and the goal. Afterwards I usually write a formal report and make a presentation.

*Programming Languages That I have used:
COBOLFORTRAN IV, 77, 95/2003
GPSSHyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
PL/IWilling to learn

*Programs that I have used:
ArenaBack Pack
Bash Shell ScriptingExcel
MatlabOpen Office
Various EditorsWord
Willing to learn